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Bexley auditor's race

Qualmann makes bid to use experience for post


If re-elected to a third term as Bexley's city auditor, Gary Qualmann said he will continue to ensure the city is making wise use of taxpayer dollars.

The auditor serves as the city's chief fiscal officer and is responsible for maintaining a fiscally sound government that conforms to generally accepted accounting, legal and management principles, according to the city's website.

This November, he faces Bill Harvey, Bexley's service director, as an opponent on the ballot.

"My work experience provides the proper background to serve as the city auditor and to effectively carry out the diverse requirements of the office," Qualmann said.

In addition to serving two terms as city auditor, Qualmann formerly was a partner with financial services firm Deloitte and served as chief financial officer for several public and private companies, including Red Roof Inns, Metatec, MindLeaders, AirNet Systems and Crane Group.

Qualmann said his accomplishments during his tenure as auditor include implementing five-year financial forecasts as well as monthly and annual budget reports for presentation to City Council.

"We can look out and see how we're going to be doing in the future," he said. "I think that's an important tool for council."

Qualmann said he also pushed for stronger enforcement of tax collections through the Regional Income Tax Agency. Also during his tenure, the city funded infrastructure improvements through bond issues.

"We've done those very effectively and efficiently," he said. "We'll need to do more of those in the future, and I have the experience."

Qualmann said he also implemented new accounting software several years ago and has kept it updated so the auditor's reporting systems function efficiently.

He is a member of the city's Community Improvement Corp., which promotes economic development and works with the Alternative Revenue Task Force.

"The auditor needs to be a part of that (task force) to help us evaluate potential additional sources of revenue," he said.

Qualmann said he has maintained a productive working relationship with Mayor Ben Kessler and council members to work collectively on how to maintain a balanced budget and address other issues facing the city.

"If you have a strong mayor, which Bexley has, (the mayor) makes policy decisions," Qualmann said. "In my view, you need a strong auditor to provide information to City Council to help them make decisions."