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Neighbors in the news

Thursday January 30, 2014 8:12 PM

Three Bexley students will serve in prominent leadership positions in the coming year in their regional division of the Jewish youth organization BBYO.

Sam Dolen, a Bexley High School junior, was installed in late December 2013 as BBYO's 60th Regional Aleph Godol (president) of the Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio (KIO) area. Sophomore Jake Davis was elected to the position of KIO 60th Regional Moreh, a position similar to that of vice president of membership.

The two serve the AZA program for young men in the BBYO organization.

Bexley sophomore Zoe Phillips was elected to the position of KIO 60th Regional S'ganit (vice president-programming) in BBG, the young women's program of BBYO. The 60th designation means that this is the 60th year of these positions.

Dolen also represents the BBYO Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio Region on the AZA BBG Steering Committee for its 2014 International Conference.