Bexley News

Grant funding to flow in for city water line project


The city of Bexley plans to use a $4.9-million grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission to fund a water line replacement and street repair project in the northeast quadrant of the city, Mayor Ben Kessler said.

"We have applied for funding for Broad Street water line, curb and street repair work for 2015 from OPWC, and it looks like we will be receiving a 75-percent grant on this project," Kessler said.

Earlier this month, the OPWC announced $29 million in loans and grants to nine Franklin County public entities, including Bexley.

"This year there were a lot of worthy projects competing for the OPWC funds," Franklin County Engineer Dean Ringle, chairman of the OPWC District 3 Integrating Committee, said in a news release.

"Although we could not fund all 25 projects submitted, the large number of applicants is a good indicator of the need for consistent sources of funds to repair our local infrastructure."

Kessler said Bexley City Engineer Dave Koch has worked to identify grant-eligible infrastructure projects. The water line replacement and street repair project will include Delmar Drive, Allegheny Avenue, Bellwood Avenue and Columbus Avenue.

"We met with residents in the area last weekend to provide an overview of the project, and more detailed plans will emerge in the coming months as project plans are finalized," Kessler said.