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Exhibit highlights work of three with ties beyond Ohio


"From Another Place," an exhibit featuring three artists from three different countries who now live in central Ohio, opened Wednesday, Jan. 29, and will be on view through March 1 at the Art Access Gallery, 540 S. Drexel Ave.

Featured artists include Mabi Ponce de Leon, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Isaure de la Presle, who is from Paris, France; and Micaela de Vivero, who was born in Munich, Germany, and grew up in Quito, Ecuador. de Vivero lives in Granville; de la Presle and Ponce de Leon live in Bexley.

Ponce de Leon, who has lived in the Columbus area for more than 20 years and also lived in Miami, Fla., and Monterrey, Mexico, is a painter who works with a variety of three-dimensional and digital media.

"I use maps, old photographs, found images and childhood images, historical references, things that might recall a time or a place or even a geographical setting," she said.

Despite the fact that she and her husband and their two children feel very much at home in Bexley, "I'm from another country. I didn't grow up here. Things that are normal that were born and raised here might not be normal to me -- they might be and they might not be," she said. "I didn't grow up with the same nursery rhymes, the same customs. There's a culture clash."

Art provides an outlet to express these disparate feelings, she said.

"Feeling both foreign and at-home in the world," she said in her artist's statement, "I explore what it feels like to 'be' from two places and belong to neither."

Art Access will host an artists' reception for "From Another Place" from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 31.

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