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Sewer project relies on fee for long-term funding


A $60.7-million plan to repair and replace the city of Bexley's water and sewer system will be paid mostly with a water and sewer capital fee, according to a report the city submitted to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The city met the Ohio EPA's Feb. 11 deadline for submission of a report that summarizes the issues causing sanitary sewer system overflows in Bexley. However, the city requested an extension, with a deadline yet to be determined, for a document that details the city's long-term plan for improving the water and sewer system.

According to the city's summary report, repair and replacement costs for Bexley's water and sewer system will total approximately $60.7 million over the next 40 years. The city estimates it will be able to pay for the repairs based on current projections, since $79.1 million will be available in total water and sewer capital funding over the next 40 years.

"No new funding is being proposed or is needed based upon this plan," the city's summary report states.

Last June, Bexley City Council passed an ordinance creating a new water and sewer capital fee, which began being assessed to residents in January. The capital fee is to be used exclusively for the replacement and repair of water and sewer infrastructure. The fee is a 6.56-percent premium over the water and sewer rates, equivalent to an approximately $15 per quarter fee for the average Bexley water and sewer bill.

Approximately $955,336 is available to the city each year to assist with water/sewer capital funds. Part of that money is being generated by the water and sewer capital fee, while other funds are generated by the estimated $100,000 the city has available each year now that the EPA's required water/sewer study has been completed.

To view the city's Preliminary Water & Sewer Infrastructure Replacement Strategic Plan, visit