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City identity

Bexley looks to benefit from logos

Mayor looking forward to the unveiling of all logos at the State of the City in April


When Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler delivers the State of the City address this spring, residents will not only find out about community initiatives but also will see new logos that will represent the city and some local organizations.

The event is set for 5 p.m. April 10 at the Columbus School for Girls, 56 S. Columbia Ave.

The development of a city logo has been in the works since late 2012, with the idea that an updated graphic would enhance the city's brand identity, Kessler said.

"Bexley doesn't currently have a logo per se. We have a city seal, but seals are typically reserved for more formal applications," such as proclamations, he said.

"So as I started looking at the idea of building the city's brand identity, I found out that other entities, including the Bexley (Public) Library, were looking into it as well," Kessler said.

The city of Bexley, the library, the Bexley Celebrations Association, the Bexley Chamber of Commerce and the Bexley Women's Club jointly applied for a Bexley Community Foundation grant for the logo project and received the grant in 2012. The organizations used those funds to hire the Base Art Co. of Columbus to design logos for the city and the groups.

Kessler presented several potential versions of the city logo to Bexley City Council members at their Feb. 11 meeting. Each organization involved in the project will unveil individual logos at the State of the City event, Kessler said.

"Each entity has a design, but they have strong common design elements and are most effective when you see them all together in that context," he said. "Each entity is working on honing and finalizing their respective designs, in the context of those designs sharing common elements and remaining cohesive with the overall cooperative project."

Kessler said more details about the State of the City event will be announced in the coming weeks and will be posted on the city's website,