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Art Access: Canvas perfect for showing lay of the land

"The Essence of Landscape" will run until April 21 at Bexley area gallery


"The Essence of Landscape," an exhibit featuring three artists' visions of nature and the horizon, is on view through April 21 at Art Access Gallery, 540 S. Drexel Ave.

The exhibit features the work of painters Patrick Adams, Judy Favret Friday and Megan Lightell. While the artists all have a different methods of painting -- some abstract, others more realistic -- they all portray landscapes in a clean, spare style, said Art Access proprietor Barb Unverferth.

"They all have pared the landscape down" to simple elements, she said. "They've gotten it down to where it's the essence."

Adams, who holds a master's degree in fine arts from the University of Kentucky and teaches art at Asbury College, said he has always been intrigued by the natural variety of landscapes and how colors change on the horizon, especially when storms roll in.

"For some reason, I've always found that very pleasing, that kind of far away (perspective)," he said during the exhibit's March 7 opening reception. "The viewpoint changes from one point to another -- some are close up, some are far away. I find landscape fascinating."

Adams said he finds it particularly interesting how geography affects landscapes. He grew up in Worthington, Minn., where the land is flat, and now lives in Lexington, Ky., which is characterized by rolling hills.

"It was very flat where I grew up and we had very wide horizons. You could see miles and miles," Adams said. "When I moved to Kentucky, I felt very landlocked. You couldn't see very far. I'd find these overlooks where I could really get out and see out over things."

To find inspiration for his abstract paintings, Adams said he goes out into nature.

"I hike a lot, I walk a lot. I like to go out in my car and just look at the landscape," he said. "I kind of seek out places, particularly overlooks, where I can see some distance."

The other artists featured in "The Essence of Landscape" exhibit are both native Ohioans. Friday is originally from Columbus and now lives in Lyme, Conn. Lightell was born in Coshocton and lives in Nashville, Tenn.

For exhibit hours and more information, call 614-338-8325 or visit the website at