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Artists show off results of varied techniques in exhibit


Central Ohio artists who find creative ways to work with different textures are featuring some of their pieces in the new exhibit “Made with Paper,” on view through June 3 at Art Access Gallery, 540 S. Drexel Ave.

The exhibit illustrates different approaches to printmaking, courtesy of Clintonville resident Julie Abijanac, Upper Arlington residents Sharon Dougherty and Elena Osterwalder, and Granville resident Nicholas Hill.

Osterwalder was born in Mexico City and has lived in Columbus since 1970. She studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design and has exhibited works throughout the United States, China, Korea, Switzerland, Germany and Poland.

Osterwalder said the pieces in the exhibit, which resemble tall, colorful glass tubes, are the result of a “happy accident” when she placed prints to dry on waxed paper.

“The waxed paper not only takes the color, it takes the print of the paper, and that’s why they are so varied,” she said.

Dougherty holds a master of fine arts degree from Ohio State University and has taught art and exhibited her work in central Ohio and beyond. Her newest works explore color and light through the use of media such as acrylic paint with plexiglass, mylar, gold leaf and metal.

Her abstract works result from “experimenting with what to do with these various media,” Dougherty said.

Hill is a painter, printmaker and art professor at Otterbein University. His contributions to “Made of Paper” feature intricate prints that were inspired by a sabbatical grant to research printmaking in Tokyo.

Abijanac earned a master of fine arts degree from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and currently teaches design at CCAD. A cancer survivor, she uses art as a form of therapy. Digital drawing has allowed her to trace cancer cell formations and the systemic patterning of the disease.

“In my mind, it’s demystifying the disease, finding beauty in nature,” Abijanac said.

She said art has helped her realize “there’s got to be in good in this bad; how do I handle it?”

For exhibit hours and more information, call 614-338-8325 or visit