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Yoon shares skill treating those close to home


Local resident Kit Yoon, who just opened Bexley Acupuncture at 2700 E. Main St., Suite 203, said she is excited about offering a service that previously wasn't available in the community.

"Bexley did not have an acupuncturist," she said, "so I thought it would be good to stay here, close to home."

Yoon and her husband, physician Jim MacDonald, and their two children, Miller and Claire, moved to Bexley in 2010 when MacDonald began practicing sports medicine at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Yoon, who holds a master's degree in traditional Chinese medicine from Five Branches University, previously practiced acupuncture in California and in Clintonville.

While acupuncture is more common in California, Yoon said she has found that central Ohioans are curious about the procedure, which she said can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including headaches, tennis elbow, low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

"People say, 'I've heard a lot about (acupuncture), but I've never tried it,' which is always followed by, 'I'd like to try it,'"

"I'm happy that people are open and eager."

Acupuncture involves stimulating pressure points along the body through various methods, including the application of heat, pressure and thin needles. Yoon said the question she gets most often is, "Does it hurt?"

"Is it painful? No. Do you feel something? Yes," she said. "My whole thing is to make people comfortable."

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