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Bexley: Three visits to the pool come to unfortunate ends

Two visitors to the Bexley Community Pool, 2100 Clifton Ave., reported that on July 9, someone broke the windows out of their vehicles.

The first complainant reported no items were missing, while the second reported the theft of a tan leather purse and red leather wallet containing a checkbook, credit cards, a driver's license and assorted gift cards.

A College Avenue resident reported someone stole a purse from her unlocked vehicle July 10 while it was in the parking lot at the pool. The purse contained a wallet with numerous credit cards, a driver's license, gift cards, approximately $3 cash and a checkbook.

In other recent incident reports from the Bexley Police Department:

* A South Chesterfield Road resident reported someone stole her backpack July 9 from a bench in front of a business in the 2200 block of East Main Street. The backpack contained various bank and credit cards, a laptop computer valued at $400 and a cellphone valued at $500.

* A Columbus resident reported that between July 3 and July 5, someone stole a central air system valued at $2,500 from the side of a house he owns in the 2700 block of Bellwood Avenue by cutting the power lines and copper line, then removing the system.

* An employee of a business in the 2600 block of East Main Street reported someone gained entry to the business July 2 and stole a tablet computer and $17.86 in cash.

* A resident in the 500 block of North Drexel Avenue reported that on July 4, someone broke out the back windshield of his vehicle.

* Two residents in the 2400 block of Fair Avenue reported that on July 4, someone stole their mountain bikes from the driveway of the residence.

* A resident in the 700 block of Grandon Avenue reported that between June 28 and July 4 someone stole her son's bicycle and a red tricycle from beside her garage.

* A resident in the 40 block of South Gould Road reported that between June 27 and July 5, someone entered his detached garage through an unlocked pedestrian door and stole a bicycle valued at $200. The suspect also stole approximately $2 in loose change from an unlocked vehicle in the garage.

* A resident in the 500 block of Stanbery Avenue reported that between July 7 and July 8, a folding patio table and two folding chairs were stolen from underneath his garage overhang.

* A resident in the 2400 block of Havenwood Drive South reported someone entered his garage through an open door July 8 and stole a bicycle.

* A resident in the 90 block of South Cassingham Road reported that between June 25 and July 8, an MP3 player valued at $299 was stolen.

* A resident in the 2500 block of East Livingston Avenue reported that on July 8, three bicycles were stolen from his backyard.

* A resident in the 30 block of South Cassady Avenue reported someone broke into her home June 30 by breaking a glass pane in the rear door and unlocking the door from inside. Three rings and a birth certificate were reported stolen from an upstairs bedroom.