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City keeps carryout service at savings for residents


The city of Bexley's new refuse disposal contract with Rumpke will continue carryout service, in which employees will pick up garbage cans at garage doors. It also will save residents nearly $1 on their monthly bills, city officials said.   

City Council voted 6-0, with Steve Keyes, absent at a July 10 special meeting to add carryout service to the three-year contract with Rumpke that is scheduled to begin Jan. 1.  Council voted 7-0 on June 24 to approve the new contract with Rumpke, which involves moving to a semi-automated system.

In Rumpke’s current contract with the city, the company charges the city $19.91 per month and residents are billed $25.83 per month by the city; senior citizens receive a discounted monthly bill of $24.33 from the city.

Initially, the new contract with Rumpke was projected to cost the city $19.21 a month without carryout service, which would have amounted to a monthly savings of 70 cents to the city.  At council's June 24 meeting, Service Director Bill Dorman said the city was still in discussions with Rumpke about whether the company would be able to continue carryout service.

In the final contract with Rumpke that council members approved July 10, the company will charge the city $20.18 a month and residents will receive a monthly bill of $24.82 a month from the city; senior citizens will receive a discounted bill of $22.34 from the city.

Although Rumpke's monthly charge to the city will increase by 27 cents under the new contract, the city has been able to reduce the administrative costs because the city's sanitation services have been operating more efficiently over the past few years, Dorman said.

"We've been able to pass these savings on to the residents," Dorman said.

Mayor Ben Kessler said the city explored several options and ultimately decided that continuing carryout service was the best option, since that's what residents are used to.

"We looked at different models where we would have carryout service only for senior citizens," Kessler said. "For now, I think we stick with the carryout service (for all residents)."

City Councilman Tim Madison said he agreed it would have been a mistake to discontinue carryout service.

"It's a luxury that residents have come to enjoy," he said.

Councilman Mark Masser said since the waste-hauling industry is moving toward totally automated service, the city may eventually need to discontinue carryout service and, in the meantime, should educate citizens that changes could happen in several years. 

"There will be many, many questions," he said. "The sooner we (raise awareness), the better."

As part of the new contract, Rumpke will provide each resident with a 32-, 65- or 95-gallon wheeled garbage can and one 96-gallon wheeled recycling container. Kessler said Rumpke will collect existing recycling containers from residents.