Organizers of Violet Township's bicentennial celebration events are determined to make an attempt at setting a verified world record before the end of the township's 100th year.

Organizers of Violet Township's bicentennial celebration events are determined to make an attempt at setting a verified world record before the end of the township's 100th year.

While the first attempt -- to set a record for length of time in a rocking chair -- was foiled by a lack of participation, event organizers said they don't think that will happen when they hold what could be the world's largest picnic in September.

Township trustee Terry Dunlap said only seven people signed up to participate in the rocking chair marathon, which was scheduled to be part of the annual Violet Festival last week.

Running such a marathon, Dunlap said, requires upwards of 80 volunteers.

Guinness World Records required the event to be monitored by teams of three non-participants and a medical professional, rotating every four hours, for the full 80 hours, he said.

"That's 20 shifts," he said. "It just wasn't worth trying to line up people to cover all the shifts. The logistics were just too overwhelming."

Instead, the township will take a stab at hosting the world's largest picnic, from 4 to 7 p.m. Sept. 7 at Pickerington High School Central.

The town of Santa Cruz, Spain, set the current record in 1999 with 8,000 participants.

"So, we need 8,001," said Peggy Portier, a member of the Violet Township Bicentennial Celebration Commission.

To qualify, participants have to bring a picnic basket, sit down and eat, Portier said.

Tables can be rented for $20 through the bicentennial Web site at, but are not required, she said.

Organizers have arranged for three hours of live entertainment during the picnic and free children's activities will be available. There will be a variety of competitions, including recipe and table-decorating contests, Portier said.

Also at the picnic, participants will have the opportunity to vote for the grand prize, "people's choice" winner in the township's bicentennial beard competition.

Category judging will take place during the annual Lion's Club Labor Day Fish Fry. Participants will be judged in a number of categories, including Lincoln, Worden, Burnside, Buffalo Bill and Wyatt Earp and the winners will go on to compete at the picnic.

Portier said those interested in participating can still register and have their photos taken at the township offices on Rustic Drive.

Violet Township's year of bicentennial celebration events reached its midpoint last month with the judging of the bicentennial garden competition.

The competition winners, and the category in which they participated, are:

• Subdivision Entrance/Community Garden -- volunteer: first place, Chevington Woods; first place runner-up, Glenshire; second runner-up Spring Creek Condominiums.

• Private home -- non-professional: first place: Dolores Pezzutti on Oakshire Drive; first place runner-up, Marilyn Turpin on Jefferson Drive in Canal Winchester; second runner-up, Heather and Scott Chapman on Blue Jacket Circle.

• Business -- volunteer: BJ's Bouquet by Barbara Freeman on West Columbus Street.

•Business -- professional: Stonecreek Dental Care on Stonecreek Drive.

•Church -- volunteer: Pickerington Church of the Nazarene.

Several bicentennial events are scheduled to round out the remainder of the year.

A bike rodeo for school-aged children will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Aug. 16 in the parking lot of Lifestyle Fitness on state Route 256.

Also, a grand finale has been scheduled for Nov. 15 at Hickory Lakes, although the details are still being worked out, Portier said.

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