The Grandview Heights High School boys soccer team is really good.

The Grandview Heights High School boys soccer team is really good.

The Bobcats have good senior leadership and good talent and they have gone on the field nine times so far this year and have won all nine games.

Along with Worthington Christian, Grandview is considered one of the top Division III teams in the state and will face the Warriors on Tuesday. Like many other sports teams, the Bobcats benefit from having experienced and effective players, one of whom is Sam Stull.

Stull grew up with soccer. His brothers, Nick and Greg, both played for Grandview and this year he has been one of a great group of senior leaders. Through last week, he had scored 17 goals.

"Our class has played soccer together for so long and we are fortunate to have some talent among us, but the great thing is that our overall mental attitude is so good," Stull said. "There isn't anyone who doesn't have enthusiasm for the game and doesn't have good intentions. All our players understand the game of soccer and have always been quick learners, and that makes things special and builds confidence, which is so important in any sport.

"Everyone on the team has a role and understands that role, and I know if I do my role to the best of my ability, they will do doing the same. All the wins we have had with this program and the wins this season do not reflect how well we play soccer and how much we love soccer. I still believe we underachieve at times and can still get better."

Stull is looked to by his teammates as a leader, and that is a role he understands he has to excel at.

"My personality is that I don't want to get overly excited about a win or overly down after a loss, so as a leader I am constantly trying to be a positive influence on and off the field with my teammates. Regardless of how I personally play, I know how critical it is to be able to overcome adversity and keep things moving with a confident attitude, and that is a skill I hope to be able to use in all of life as I get older. Helping my team get through tough times on the field is more important to me than scoring goals."

But the fact is, he does find a way of getting the ball into the back of an opponent's net.

"I guess my strength as a player is my technical abilities and that comes from playing for a long time and playing on a club team when I was young. I know I have some natural ability, but most of my life I have been around soccer and got a lot from my brothers, Greg and Nick. Both of them loved playing the game and would sort of pick on me and never let me beat them, but I learned from them and it helped me develop as a player. It's funny because, in my family, my dad is probably more competitive than all of us even though he wouldn't admit it, and I am probably the least competitive, but I have loved being part of this team and one of my other strengths is my vision on the field. I can read my teammates' moves pretty well and love to get a pass to them to set up a good shot. It is all fun."

Spoken just like a good leader.

I'll see you at a game.

Larry Larson is a former athletics director at Grandview High School. He can be heard as "Mr. High School Sports" on WTVN 610 AM.