Madison Township police officers are hoping to update their uniforms, if the township budget allows.

Madison Township police officers are hoping to update their uniforms, if the township budget allows.

Following a presentation by officer Victor Boyd, Madison Township trustees tentatively approved a new, class B tactical uniform for the police department at their Oct. 17 meeting. However, they are waiting for a budget review prior to final approval, which is anticipated to occur during the Nov. 14 meeting.

"We went through several uniform changes over the years that I served as a Madison Township police officer and I've always believed in a more tactical uniform for patrol," trustee Gary McDonald said. "To wear the class A with the white shirt is too much to take care of."

Trustee Victor Paini, along with Boyd, Capt. Jim Glasure and officers Tim Johnson and James Dean, reviewed several options and surveyed the rest of the force before presenting the new uniform recommendation.

"A survey was done of all of the officers and 10 replied," Boyd said. "The recommendation is to wear the class A uniform for special duty or court appearances, and as an optional choice for supervisors. The class B will be worn by patrol officers and will cost $56.99 each for the short sleeve, $58.99 for the long."

Currently, the officers are outfitted with black slacks and a white, button-front shirt with metal shield, embroidered patches and leather utility belt.

The new uniforms will retain the black slacks and will come with two shirt styles: short-sleeve and long-sleeve black polo shirts with reflective silk-screened "POLICE" lettering on the back and an embroidered name and shield on the front. The utility belt will be of a nylon web material with level 2 holsters.

"The difference between the current level 1 holster and these level 2 holsters is that a level 1 just has one snap holding the sidearm in," Boyd said. "The level 2 has another release, like a thumb release, for safety. That way, if you're going at it with someone in the street, it makes it harder for them to go after your gun."

According to Paini, the class B uniform has been used by officers with the Madison Township K9 unit for the past 18 months.

"We're hoping that the new black shirts will last longer than the current ones," Paini said. "Our K9 unit has been wearing them and they seem very durable."