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Groveport Madison High School

Self-policing pays off for students


Thanks to their own monitoring efforts, Groveport Madison High School Principal Aric Thomas says he no longer sees a need for students to buy school uniforms next year.

Last January, Superintendent Bruce Hoover challenged students who did not want a "campus wear policy" to police their peers for dress code violations. Board of education members also voiced concerns last year over behavior in the schools.

Thomas, who previously supported the idea of uniforms, told board members at their November meeting he is no longer in favor of it because of the proactive steps taken by students and staff.

Over the past year, the goal at the high school has been to "create something for any and every students," according to Thomas.

Several student contests have been launched this school year and three new organizations, including spirit, debate and gaming clubs, have been instituted to encourage students to be active in school.

As a result, several members of student council told the board the "climate" at the high school has improved.

"That's our objective -- how do we change our climate and our culture?" Thomas said.

Dean of Students Rich Playko indicated that the current dress code policy was being enforced and that a majority of students are adhering to the guidelines. He also indicated that there have been fewer problems with discipline at the high school, junior high, middle school, and elementary levels this year.

After listening to Thomas and the students' speak, Hoover told the board that he did not now see the need for mandatory school uniforms.