The Canal Winchester Times

Guest column

Schools are committed to conservative finances


The Ohio Department of Education requires an update of the financial five-year forecast for school districts across the state. The purpose is to provide a planning tool for boards of education to analyze trends within the district budget.

This past October, I presented the board of education with a forecast that will help Canal Winchester schools plan for our future and our ultimate goal of providing great schools at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.

As the country continues to recover from these tough economic times, Canal Winchester schools are working hard to live within our means.

Revenues are still down but may show some better news a few years from now.

Perhaps the more significant stabilizer is the community's support of the renewal levy that was passed in 2011.

It's clear that we are doing what it takes, but there are some unknowns from the state -- namely, the next state budget, which will be finalized by June 30, and that may create further losses to our Canal Winchester schools.

As always, we will watch that budget carefully and be sure to communicate with you how you can help protect Canal Winchester schools and the community from further losses.

On the expenditure side, our school district is committed to curbing costs as much as possible.

This priority is important to our schools -- so much so, in fact, that we've adopted a "3-Point Financial Plan" ensuring a sensible budget for taxpayers while maintaining excellent schools.

Throughout our schools, every person, teacher and staff member is sharing in the challenge of these times and is working to sustain our schools.

Through cuts, and negotiations with Columbus City Schools to recuperate $970,000, the district has already reduced $3 million from our budget over three years.

We know that our community expects our school district to stay focused on being as efficient as possible, and in my 20 years as the school district treasurer, I can honestly say that commitment has never been greater.

As we look to the future, you will notice Canal Winchester schools reaching out to staff, parents and taxpayers to be a part of the financial planning process.

Being transparent about where we stand and what the future holds will guarantee our success in the classroom and will strengthen our relationship with the entire community.

Great schools and a great community go hand in hand, and together, we can ensure that we reach our fullest potential academically and financially for years to come.


Joyce Boyer is treasurer of the Canal Winchester Local School District.