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Madison Township

Information available via redesigned website


Madison Township residents will have new options for staying up to date with township news and interacting with officials.

The township launched a new website June 20 at which includes an online newsletter as well as options for joining an email list to receive information.

The website has a new layout with each department featuring staff photos and contact information, department information and relevant specific information for residents and businesses.

Township Administrator Susan Brobst said Selectus Consulting was chosen to complete the redesign which cost $2,000.

"We've finally created a new township website to replace our current website, where you couldn't email trustees just a few years ago and it was hard to find anything," trustee Victor Paini said.

"The information was stored in ways that were hard to navigate or just didn't exist and we're trying to be more open and accessible to the public, so this new website is a part of that."

According to Paini, the cost of putting together township newsletters and mailing them to residents became exorbitant, and was dropped from the budget in 2010. Newsletter publication will resume as an online- and email-distributed version only. This will continue to save the township printing costs but will allow officials to communicate news electronically.

"We'll have the newsletters online and allow people to sign up, which will also give us the ability to know how many people are reading the newsletters and what we should focus on," Paini said.

"With the new website live, we're hoping residents will take a good look at it and give us feedback about what they like and don't so we can adjust that, too -- and if you find something not right, please shoot us an email so we can correct it."

Included on the website are reservation guidelines and forms for the community center and the front shelter house at Brobst Park; and a current listing of nuisance properties, including those that have been condemned and submitted to the COCIC Land Bank program.