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Groveport's arch-style signs could find new locations


A couple of Groveport's older, arch-style signs could return to use if the Ohio Department of Transportation gives its approval.

Groveport City Council members asked City Administrator Marsha Hall and Public Works Superintendent Dennis Moore to scout out several possible locations for two of three arch-style signs that were previously installed on Rohr Road and at the recreation center.

"There are three signs available, one removed about 10 years ago from Rohr Road, the one recently removed at the recreation center, and a spare one that was purchased due to the supplier of the signs going out of business," Hall said. "Dennis Moore and I have looked at possible locations for two of these signs since we'd like to keep one in storage as a replacement."

The possible locations include:

* the pocket park at the corner of Front and Main streets.

* the east gate into the Groveport Cemetery on Wirt Road.

* the west side of state Route 317 south of Williams Road.

* the southeast corner of Rohr Road at Pontius Road.

* Bixby Road just south of U.S. Route 33.

* Ebright Road south of Grove Pointe Drive.

Hall said placing a sign on the west side of Route 317 would require approval from ODOT as well as the construction of a retaining wall.

"If we put one at 317, we could move the current white sign that is there to the Ebright Road location," Councilwoman Jean Ann Hilbert said. "And that's such a nice entrance to Groveport; it would look really nice."

Councilman Ed Dildine worried about the cost of building a retaining wall to ODOT standards for the purpose of the archway sign.

"I don't want to spend a lot of money to put up signs where we already have them," Dildine said. "We need to know what the cost estimate is on the retaining wall and what ODOT has to say about us putting a sign there."

Councilwoman Jan Stoots said she also is concerned about the issues with ODOT but if it is affordable and the city receives permission, she would prefer that as one of the locations.

Dildine said he would like to see the pocket park location as a backup if the Route 317 location didn't work.

"ODOT has allowed several large entryway signs on Gender Road so I'm not certain, but I believe they would allow this," Hall said.

Council members all agreed the second location for an archway sign would be at the cemetery.

Hall said she will bring a final decision back to council once the city has received a decision from ODOT.