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Groveport city buildings

Report points to major energy cost savings


Groveport could save about 50 percent on its annual energy costs, according to a preliminary energy assessment being completed on the city's buildings.

According to the preliminary report compiled by energy auditor Dynamix Energy Services, the city's current annual utility costs amount to about $348,305.

The auditors have been working closely with the city's director of facility management, Tom Byrne, and believe that savings of $163,447 are achievable.

"We've done infrared scanning of all the mechanical and electrical systems and we have some roofing issues where we'll be replacing some of the slate," Byrne said. "We're working on this energy audit to see how we might save the city more money."

According to City Administrator Marsha Hall, the Dynamix Energy Services contract has a clause allowing for the audit fee to be put toward efficiency upgrades, if Groveport uses the contractor to complete the work.

"We are contracting with Dynamix Energy Services to perform the energy study at a cost of $14,000," she said. "Should we choose not to perform any of the recommended cost-saving projects, we will pay for the study.

"If we choose to move forward with projects, there will be no cost for the study."

The full study, according to Hall, will provide a detailed list of energy-efficient upgrades for each city building.

American Electric Power, Groveport's current provider, offers incentives for making energy-efficient building upgrades. According to the preliminary report, the auditors estimate an AEP incentive of $53,952 based on the completion of efficiency upgrades.

"After reviewing our buildings and the past year's energy bills, they believe we have the ability for a significant savings if the energy savings projects are done," Hall said. "Once they've completed the full study, we'll ask them to make a presentation to council."