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Groveport Madison report card scores run the gamut


The Groveport Madison school district’s scores run the gamut on the new state report card.

The Ohio Department of Education released the report cards Thursday, Aug. 22. The new format

replaces the old “effective,” “excellent” or “continuous improvement” ratings with letter grades ranging from A to F in four different main categories: achievement, gap closing, progress and graduation rate.

Groveport Madison Local Schools earned a D for meeting 14 of 24 state standards for in the 2012-13 school year. The district’s Performance Index score was a C; Performance Index measures the achievement of all students enrolled for a school year.

The district earned an overall grade of A for Value-Added, which measures how much academic progress students make in a school year.

The district earned a D for both its four-year and five-year graduation rates.

Under the previous rating system, the schools had been given an “effective” rating for 2012. The new report cards will eventually provide districts with an overall letter-grade rating, but that won’t happen until 2015.