The Canal Winchester Times

Fire hydrant flushing to begin Sept. 16

Canal Winchester's Division of Water's next fire hydrant flushing will take place between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, from Sept. 16 to October.

The Division of Water opens fire hydrants twice a year as part of its hydrant flushing program. This allows water to flow through pipes, which enhances water quality by flushing sediment from mainline pipes. Flushing also verifies proper operation of hydrants and valves and maintains firefighting capabilities.

The water department offers these tips for when crews are flushing hydrants:

* If residents see a hydrant is being flushed on their street, they should avoid running tap water, washing machines or dishwashers until flushing in the area is complete.

* If motorists see hydrant flushing crews working, they should drive carefully and treat them like any other road construction crew.

During or immediately after hydrant flushing, tap water may come out with sediment that causes discoloration. Although a slight discoloration may last for a few hours, it does not affect the taste or quality of the water. This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water and poses no health threat.

Residents who notice discoloration or other side effects from hydrant flushing should:

* Avoid washing laundry during scheduled flushing hours. After hydrants have been flushed, wait until water runs clear from the tap, then begin with a load of dark laundry before doing lights or whites.

To learn more about the city's fire hydrant flushing program, including when the city will be flushing in an area, contact Canal Winchester's Division of Water at 614-837-5623.