The Canal Winchester Times

District will save money with new copier contract


As part of continued efforts to reduce costs, the Groveport Madison Board of Education approved a new agreement with MT Business Technologies to supply and maintain copiers in the district.

District Treasurer Tony Swartz said the new five-year lease was awarded via competitive process. MT Business Technologies is an Ohio-based supplier of business equipment.

Swartz said the current contract-holder, ComDoc, another Ohio-based supplier, submitted a bid that was lower than the current contract but the company was unable to beat the pricing offered by MT Business Technologies.

"On a monthly basis, this lease will save us over $1,000, which ends up about $13,000 per year," Swartz said.

"The current five-year lease was for $6,000 a month and a cost per copy of .0031 cents per black and white print and .06 cents per color."

The new contract will cost the district $5,170 per month with a lower per-copy price of .00279 cents for black and white copies and .0376 cents each for color copies. Swartz said the district may be able to increase its savings even further if it chooses to downgrade some of the copiers being leased.

"We bid this out for one type of machine to make it easiest to score, which provided us five interested companies, four of which that submitted bids," Swartz said. "We do have some machines installed out there currently that do a lower volume, so we should be able to put a little smaller volume machine in those three locations and this should bring down the cost $200 to $300 a month in maintenance fees."

According to Swartz, the lower-volume copiers are an option that MT Business Technologies agreed to under the new contract, which the school board approved in December.