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District employees

Insurance costs will increase July 1


The cost of health and dental insurance for Canal Winchester school district employees is going up, effective July 1.

Treasurer Joyce Boyer told the Board of Education April 21 the district will pay 7.5 percent more for health insurance and 14.5 percent more for its dental plan when the new fiscal year begins.

Currently, the district pays a total of $3.56 million for health and dental insurance each year. Starting July 1, the cost of both of these insurance plans will run the school system $3.73 million.

According to Boyer, the self-funded insurance plans are obtained through the South Central Ohio Insurance Consortium.

The board pays 90 percent of the health insurance for single coverage and 75 percent for family plans. The remaining cost is picked up by the employees.

From July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015, Boyer said the health plan will cost the district about $622 per month for single coverage for each staff member, with the employee paying out about $69. For family plans, the district will pay $1,350 each month with the employee picking up $450. About 139 single participants and 144 families are currently enrolled, Boyer said.

Dental insurance, which does not require employees to share in the cost, will run the district about $43 per month per employee for single coverage and $103 for each family plan.

Approximately 87 employees receive single dental coverage with about 256 participating in the family plan.

The cost of vision and life insurance for district employees did not go up. Those plans annually cost the school system about $67,122, Boyer said.

She told the board she anticipated and budgeted for the increases in insurance costs.