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Madison Township

Trash day will switch to Thursday by July 3


Madison Township residents will have a new day for trash pick-up following a request by Local Waste Services at the April 16 trustees' meeting.

Local Waste Services owner Eric DeHayes requested a change from Tuesday trash collections to Thursday starting in June, allowing the company to take on more work with other communities in central Ohio.

"Amazingly, it's not a problem for us finding the business to take on or buying the necessary equipment, but finding the labor is a problem," DeHayes said.

"We want you to know that the only thing changing is the day, not the service; we will maintain the level of service you've been happy with, and soon you'll also see new CNG (compressed natural gas) trucks on the route as well, which have almost zero emissions."

Trustee Gary McDonald expressed concern that residents had specifically asked for trash to be picked up early in the week.

"So I want to make sure that if there's another route acquisition, we are solidified now for Thursdays through the end of our contract," trustee Victor Paini said.

The trustees voted in favor of allowing the change, with the caveat that Local Waste Services not be allowed to change the pick-up day again for the rest of the current contract, or for the optional two renewal periods.

Residents were required to switch to a Tuesday pick-up when the township signed the contract with Local Waste Services, moving away from the previous waste hauler, Waste Management.

The initial contract runs through August 2016, according to Administrator Susan Brobst, with two, optional one-year renewals.

DeHayes said his company will work with the township to place signs around town, notify customers via direct mail and hang information on doors ahead of the switch, currently scheduled to be in place by Thursday, July 3.

The week prior to that, Local Waste Management will pick up residents' trash on both Tuesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 26, to make sure the transition goes smoothly.