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Concessions contract to be rebid


Groveport will rebid its concession stand contract to possibly bring in a new vendor after several years of working with 7-Up.

City Administrator Marsha Hall asked Groveport City Council May 12 for permission to post a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for a concession stand contractor.

"We originally had a bid contract with 7-Up but for the last few years, they've been working without a contract, so instead of just signing a new contract without a bid, we want to go out for RFP to allow some other vendors and not just 7-Up the chance at the work," Hall said.

"There's really no cost in this, and since the original contract was done as an RFP, we wanted to use that same approach again."

The contract with 7-Up is for cold-beverages sold from vending machines at the recreation center, the municipal building and the public works facility in Groveport.

The city currently doesn't pay 7-Up under the concession stand contract; instead, 7-Up agreed to provide concession products and perform appropriate stocking and maintenance, along with paying the city about 10 percent on product sales. The money goes to the Outdoor Water Park account in the general revenue fund.

Councilman Ed Dildine said he was concerned that a new contractor might not provide as many extras as 7-Up has over the years.

"I know they do a lot that's not in the contract, like supplying small items at no extra cost and sponsoring a lot of our sports teams, so we should consider that too if we do this," Dildine said.

Hall said she would take that into consideration. She noted that it isn't uncommon for other vendors to provide similar extras.

"Right now, we only have 7-Up, and that might be what we end up with again," Hall said. "I would just feel more secure having a new, signed contract and I want to do that the right way by taking it out for bid."

Council unanimously passed legislation allowing Hall to rebid the concession stand contract and award it ahead of the summer recreation season.