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Hearing set for Madison Township patrolman


Madison Township is down another patrolman on the street, following the June 25 arrest of Officer Timothy Johnson on felony drug charges, a disciplinary hearing will be held July 14.

Johnson, 56, and his wife, Wendy, 50, were both taken into custody by Hilliard police for felony drug possession, after investigators from the Hilliard Police Division removed drugs from the couple’s home.

They confirmed to 10TV that marijuana was found, and lab tests are being completed on the other substances.

The arrest of Johnson took place in coordination with Madison Township while he was on the job, while his wife was arrested in their Hilliard home.

According to Madison Township Administrator, Susan Brobst, Johnson was immediately placed on paid administrative leave until the townships internal investigation and hearing process can be completed.

At a June 27 special meeting of the Madison Township Trustees, the board voted unanimously to file charges against Johnson for multiple alleged “violations of the Police Department’s Rules and Regulations.”

Those alleged violations include: (1.01) Failure to obey laws and ordinances; (1.03) Violations of rules and department directives; (1.04) Malfeasance, nonfeasance and failure of good behavior (cause for dismissal); (1.15) Coordination of efforts in order to attain the goals of the Police Department; (1.36) Unbecoming conduct; and, (1.41) Drugs & alcohol.

The hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m., Monday, July 14 at the Madison Township Community Center, 4575 Madison Ln.

“Basically, we’ll have to leave him on paid administrative leave until we can complete our hearing process, which will have to go before our board,” Brobst said. “This process is separate from the criminal investigation under way by Hilliard, but also isn’t likely going to be completed immediately.”

Brobst said that the loss of another patrolman is going to put a strain on township resources.

“Due to the passing of (Chief Michael Ratliff) we already had shifted some officers around including Sgt. Donald Skinner who is still working patrol as he is able while also taking on the captain duties,” Brobst said. “So now were down a complete extra officer on A company, which is going to put a real strain on our guys to fill in.”

At this time, Brobst was unable to provide a timeline for bringing on replacement staff.