Groveport is now home to the first and only AEP Ohio appliance recycling facility.

Groveport is now home to the first and only AEP Ohio appliance recycling facility.

The new facility, 5700 Green Pointe Drive N., opened at the beginning of July as part of a partnership between AEP Ohio and JACO Environmental Inc.

"This is another great addition to the city of Groveport. Not only does it add to our workforce, it provides an excellent service to residents," City Administrator Marsha Hall said.

The facility, which is owned by AEP Ohio and run by JACO Environmental, employs about 25 people, including pickup crews and recycling workers.

Through the end of next month, AEP is offering a bonus to anyone looking to recycle their old, inefficient appliances.

"This new recycling facility not only increases our ability to keep up with demand, but it demonstrates our dedication to Ohio's energy-efficiency efforts," AEP Ohio program manager Deanna Gilliland said via email.

"With a simple phone call, our customers can schedule a free pickup of their appliance, save money, help the environment and for a limited time, receive an increased $60 incentive for choosing to recycle."

According to spokesman Matt Z'Berg, AEP Ohio is fully funding the facility and rebate program, which pays customers who recycle their old refrigerators and freezers a $50 incentive. AEP has raised the incentive to $60 until Aug. 31.

"The appliance recycling program is one of a suite of programs designed to reduce energy consumption and thereby avoid the need to build additional power plants," Z'Berg said via email.

"Essentially, it is less expensive to pay customers to reduce consumption through energy efficiency than it is to build expensive generating facilities. Plus, it has the added benefit of reducing pollution and conserving resources through recycling, while also disposing of harmful substances in an environmentally responsible manner."

Z'Berg said Groveport was chosen because the site met the company's needs in several ways.

"It was an ideal choice for many reasons in our search for a facility within AEP Ohio territory," he said. "The new facility fit our logistics requirements, both in terms of physical size and Groveport itself having easy access to highways."

Z'Berg declined to disclose the company's investment in the facility.

Customers interested in participating in the appliance recycling program may call 877-545-4112 or visit to schedule a pickup.