I am always excited when a client comes to me with a dream job in mind. The fact that my client will be applying for only one job certainly adds pressure as I want to make sure the resume is perfect for that one dream opportunity. It also provides me with a chance to be ultra targeted in the content and presentation.

Meet Dan

Dan wanted to work for a fire and security company in a territory account manager position. He had been working for his employer since 2004, and he had transitioned from maintenance to an account development role. He sought to exit the industry to secure a senior-level opportunity in sales.

Original resume

Dan’s original resume lacked in the areas of strategic content, formatting, good use of white space and prioritization of information. Dan had also not updated his resume with his most recent position, so his resume had a lot of room for improvement and development.

New resume

I created an engaging design for Dan’s new resume, ensuring the aesthetic will compel readership. I identified the keywords his next employer would be seeking and wove those throughout Dan’s new resume. I used bolding selectively, uppercased letters and separated content to ensure focus would be placed on the most applicable aspects of Dan’s background.

By using excerpts from his past performance reviews, incorporating select keywords as well as highlighting key contributions, Dan’s entire resume is focused on helping him break into a higher level sales role in a completely new industry.

The results

Dan wrote to me about six weeks after I completed his resume with the wonderful news. “I wanted to let you know I received my job offer letter last night. The annual salary was $5,000 more than what I was initially told. I have never been in a position in my life to resign from a job, have the right tools available to secure the job that I wanted, and get the job I wanted … I am so excited about this new chapter of life.”

View Dan’s before resume and new resume on ladybug-design.com/blog.

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