Per the deadline set by its owner, Nancy's Home Cooking will close on Monday.

Per the deadline set by its owner, Nancy's Home Cooking will close on Monday.

The family, however, is optimistic that it will reopen with upgraded equipment and an updated look.

"Our intention is to keep the legacy going, but some issues are out of our hands," said Tracy King McCurry, a niece of restaurant owner Cindy King.

The single biggest issue is the HVAC, she said. The family is waiting for estimates for its repair, which could run between $20,000 and $80,000. If the cost for repair is on the high end, the restaurant will close permanently, McCurry said.

The 30-seat eatery has been a whirlwind of activity since King announced she was leaving the business and closing the doors of Nancy's, which is four decades old.

Customers, friends and community leaders have helped, participating in several fundraisers to save Nancy's, 3133 N. High St. McCurry said more than $10,000 has been raised, while businesses and local groups have offered material and manpower to fix up the place.

Family members decided to honor the deadline so they could evaluate their situation and bring the space into code compliance, McCurry said.

Health issues and mounting bills forced King out of the business and into bankruptcy.

McCurry said because of bankruptcy laws, the money will not be used to pay off King's debt. It will go toward repairs to the restaurant if it reopens. If not, the money will go toward a local charity or Clintonville organization, she said.

Tom Davis, owner of J. Thomas Davis Guitar Maker located next door to Nancy's, said he'd hate to see the restaurant close for good, considering King's strong commitment to the poor and greater community. Davis is also the property's owner.

"And there's the social side of it, too, people who go there because the people sitting next to them at the counter are their family," he said. "To me, it would be a big piece for our community that's gone."