New diner slated to open on Indianola


Call it the Rube's redux.

The Clintonville eatery, which had a loyal stable of patrons before it closed four years ago, is being recast as the Beechwold Diner, 4408 Indianola Ave. It is slated to open in a week or so.

Suzanne Jehn, owner of the Beechwold Barber Shop a few storefronts down, is opening the new diner with a decided respect for the past. The menu will almost mirror the previous one and some of the old employees plan to return.

A slew of omelets, pork cutlets, corned beef and hash, and steak and eggs will make their return, she said. The menu will be somewhat revamped to include new entrees. Prices, she said, are going to increase slightly but everything should cost less than $10.

Tentative hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. Breakfast will be served all day.

Rube's closed its doors in September 2005 after 18 years in business. It left behind a following of customers who wanted inexpensive breakfast fare in a neighborhood setting, said David Audino, Jehn's fiance and a contractor who's completing the interior work.

"It's going to be a great local atmosphere," he said. The couple weren't associated with Rube's.

The space, to seat 42, has been rebuilt with a new kitchen and furnishings. Lance Finkel, who works at the barber shop, looks forward to the diner's opening.

"I think it's wonderful," he said. "Our customers are excited about it."

Genevieve Perkins had intended to open Ginna's Eatery at the site, but a troubled partnership and problems with the lease forced her to give up on the deal.

Audino said he has plans for a pizza place next door to the Beechwold Diner. He said the pizzeria, which is about a month from opening, will feature a wood-burning oven and New York-style pies.

Dave Southan, a member of the Clintonville Area Commission who lives in the area, said he's not only pleased with the food prospects, he likes to see vacancies filled.

"We don't like to see businesses moving out," he said. "The more the merrier. Empty buildings breed crime."