A committee picked the stops for this year's Clintonville Tour of Homes but U get to pick the organizations that will benefit from the event.

A committee picked the stops for this year's Clintonville Tour of Homes but U get to pick the organizations that will benefit from the event.

Those attending the 28th annual tour on Sunday, Sept. 12, will also find themselves at a Clintonville Community Fair, according to event chairwoman Marisa Martin.

The tour is the main fundraising event for the Clintonville Community Fund, a local nonprofit organization "whose purpose is to enhance the quality of life in the Clintonville community of north-central Columbus, Ohio," according to the website.
"It initiates, nurtures and supports programs affecting the people who live and work in our community," the site adds.

Representatives of local nonprofit organizations that can use some of that nurturing and support will be setting up tables the day of the tour at the intersection of Montrose Way and Irving Way where they will provide information to tour-goers about their missions and projects.

At the Clintonville Community Fund table, chairwoman Martin said, those attending will be able to vote with wooden tokens they receive along with their tickets for the nonprofit organization they would like to see benefit from the tour's proceeds. Each token represents a $1 contribution to that charity or cause, and the Community Fund will match those donations, Martin said.

The 10 homeowners on the this year's tour in the Northmoor area near Whetstone Park and volunteers on the committee planning the event will also have tokens that are worth $5 each, and those will also be matched.

This builds on last year's approach, in which the owners of the homes on the tour in Walhalla got to have a say in how the proceeds were divided up.
"We're really excited about that part of it," Martin said.

Each nonprofit and six or seven had already signed up as of last week, with room for more will receive a $100 donation just for participating in the Community Fair, she said.

"We like that it raises awareness for what the mission of the Community Fund is, because it truly is to raise money and support fore the other nonprofits," Martin said. "We're just continuing in the effort to involve the community more and more in the grant making process."

Martin, who served on the Clintonville Homes Tour steering committee for the first time last year, helping out with marketing, said that she was surprised to be invited to serve as chairwoman this time around.

It's been work, she admitted, but it's also been fun.

"Luckily I have a great team of people," Martin said. "It's all about our great community, and it's just nice to see people willing to give back to it. I'm proud to be a part of that."

Nearly 2,000 people attended last year's "Walk on Walhalla."

The 2010 edition is being billed as "Through the Doors of Northmoor."

Four of the homes this time around have been featured on the tour in past years, one of them twice. The same people are still the current owners.

"Enough time has passed that we feel a lot of people won't have been in those homes," Martin said. "What it really comes down to is these homeowners are just so enthusiastic about Clintonville and the opportunity take part in this fundraising."