Here's the scoop: Mozart's Bakery and Piano Caf is going into the ice cream business.

Here's the scoop: Mozart's Bakery and Piano Caf is going into the ice cream business.

Vienna Ice Caf is scheduled to open in July in the former location of Denise's Ice Cream, 2899 N. High St., according to Anand Saha, owner with wife Doris of Mozart's. The bakery is located at 2885 N. High St., just a few doors south of the planned new enterprise.

Anand Saha said he recently struck a deal with the landlord of the former ice cream shop.

"I just thought it would be perfect," he said.

The Sahas and their employees have already been creating flavors of ice cream to try out on customers in anticipation of the expansion.

"Our techniques for our ice cream are pretty unusual because we're using all our chocolates and ingredients from Europe," Saha said.

In fact, Saha added that he had initially hoped to open Vienna Ice Caf in June, but instead he and his family will be traveling to Europe around that time to pick up ice cream ideas in four countries, France in particular.

Ice cream and gelato shops can be found practically everywhere in Europe, according to Saha.

"Every nook and corner," he said.

Vienna Ice Caf will serve not only gelatos but also desserts in a family-oriented, distinctly European atmosphere, according to Saha, who opened the first Mozart's Bakery in Clintonville with his wife more than 16 years ago. They also have a location in the North Market.

Other ice cream shops, one especially, have put Columbus "on the map" in terms of ice cream, Saha said, so he decided to give crafting his own a shot.

That's a contention borne out by an August 2006 story in The Denver Post by food and dining writer John Henderson.

"One of my favorite memories of Rome is sitting in my little neighborhood piazza on a steamy Roman night eating black cherry and lemon gelato with fresh whipped cream," Henderson wrote. "The cherries and lemons tasted as if they were picked off a tree that day, which they almost were.

"The only place in the United States I've managed to find tastes that accurate is, of course, that tropical paradise and ice cream capital of the world: Columbus, Ohio. OK, our image of Columbus is of freezing air billowing out of some crazed Ohio State linebacker during the Michigan game on a 30-degree day in November.

"But this is home to the most unusual ice cream parlor I've ever visited in the U.S. In the quaint Grandview Heights neighborhood of Columbus sits Jeni's. In this simple, unassuming shop with the red chairs out front is where I found true, distinct ice cream flavor."

The sixth Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream store opened in north Clintonville last fall.

Saha's target date for opening his gelato shop is July 1.

"July happens to be the ice cream month of the year, also," he said.

The bakery co-owner added that he feels he can make a go of it with an ice cream store in the same location as a closed one based on how well Mozart's has done. He pointed out that 2885 N. High St. was home to either a pastry shop or bakery dating back to the 1940s.

"Some of them failed miserably and we came and took over and succeeded," Saha said. "I have a clientele already. If I give them good ice cream right there at the store. You recognize the quality of product I have, so they know they will get a good product."