Donations to fund the resurrection of "Memory Lane" on West North Broadway have been pouring in of late, Clintonville Historical Society president Mary Rodgers said last week.

Donations to fund the resurrection of "Memory Lane" on West North Broadway have been pouring in of late, Clintonville Historical Society president Mary Rodgers said last week.

The project to restore and expand upon a community beautification effort launched in 1939 by the Clintonville Woman's Club will be the subject of a fundraiser set for Tuesday, March 13.

It is being planned as an annual event to add new memorial gardens while maintaining the ones that should be installed later this year, according to Rodgers.

"The historical Memory Lane was a point of great pride for this community and we hope to make this modern version even better," Rodgers stated in an email.

Initially, the new Memory Lane was to have involved the planting of flowering trees along West North Broadway to replace the ones that were part of the first project but which were removed when the street was widened and extended to Kenny Road.

A revised plan called for the installation of one memorial garden this year.

However, the donation of $1,000 from the Woman's Club, $200 from the North High School Women's Alumni Association, concrete from longtime local resident Sam Shuman and the tilling services of North High graduate Chuck Taylor, as well as a "substantially reduced cost" on monument stones from Schmitz and Sons have opened new possibilities, the society president indicated.

"Things are going along very well with that project," Rodgers said. "It's looking like we might be able to do the second garden in 2012."

The fundraiser on March 13 will be held at the Clintonville Woman's Club, 3951 N. High St., from 7 to 11 p.m. It will feature wine, dessert and jazz by the Vaughn Wiester Quartet.

"Excellent music, good deserts and wine; how can we go wrong?" Rodgers asked.

Tickets are $65 a couple or $35 a person. That price is discounted to $50 a couple or $35 an individual for members of the Historical Society, Woman's Club, North High Alumni Association or the Northern Kiwanis or Civitan clubs, both of which were involved in the original beautification project.

"We hope to set the tone for the overall streetscape by placing another garden on the south side of the street, which will contain the 'Welcome to Memory Lane' marker," Rodgers wrote.

"Ultimately, we would like to line the street with these low fenced gardens, each dedicated to citizens who have sacrificed for their community."

The overall Memory Lane project is being supported by the Scott's Miracle-Gro Community Gardens Fund of the Columbus Foundation and residents of greater Clintonville, according to the invitation to the March 13 fundraiser.

"In keeping with the original Memory Lane, the first of the new Memory Lane Gardens, to be located at West North Broadway and Milton (Avenue), will be dedicated on Memorial Day, May 28 in tribute to Clintonville boys lost in World War II," the invitation adds.

That intersection was selected because it is a focal point for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers.

"As such, it will receive considerable attention and hopefully draw more citizens to being involved in the overall project," according to Rodgers.

"We want to make sure we still create these blooming effects which are part of the beauty of the streetscape," she said in an interview.

As the project progresses to more and more gardens over the years, the historical society president said she hopes they are dedicated to the memory of different community residents and their involvement in local, national and even international events. Markers or even statues would be included in the plantings.

"It becomes an educational walk for people and a true destination for visitors and residents of the area," Rodgers said. "That's what we're envisioning as the historical society board. We want to continue to work with the community, so seeing such an outpouring of interest and donations is great."