Voters choose Keller to represent CAC's District 8


By a margin of 24 votes out of 92 cast in a special election to fill the vacant District 8 seat on the Clintonville Area Commission, residents selected local chiropractor Kristopher Keller to represent them on the panel, according to uncertified results reported by election committee chairwoman Sarah Snyder.

Keller, 58, received 58 total votes to 34 for his opponent, Laura S. Braun, in the race to fill the seat vacated May 16 by John DeFourny.

"In a word, I would have to say that the experience has been very positive," Braun, 31, wrote in an email. "I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of my Clintonville neighbors, not only within District 8 but throughout the overall community. Clintonville residents have a level of passion and commitment to their community that is unparalleled to any other communities within Columbus," she wrote.

"With that, I am very excited for District 8 to have new representation in Kristopher Keller. I am confident he will serve as a level-headed and open-minded commissioner for our district and within the CAC."

Keller, also in an email, thanked volunteers "who helped get out the vote and the members of the community who voted for me for their confidence in me to represent them on the Clintonville Area Commission.

"I also would like to commend my opponent Laura Braun on an energetic and positive campaign and I would like to encourage her to remain active in community affairs, because I believe that she is an individual with the skills and enthusiasm to be a leader and have a positive influence on those around her.

"I enjoyed speaking to many residents of the community about our neighborhood and I am encouraged by their intelligence, insight and commitment to the health of the Clintonville area.

"I am looking forward to working with the other members of the commission and find myself humbled now to be among a group of such bright and dedicated individuals. I hope that I can contribute to the continued success of the CAC and to that of Clintonville as one of the best communities anywhere to live, work and play."

Snyder said any complaints or challenges must be submitted to the committee chair, in accordance with the CAC bylaws and elections rules.

In announcing the results of absentee balloting and in-person voting held Oct. 2 and 6, she wrote, "I'd like to thank North Community Lutheran Church for the use of their building and thanks to Greg Denby and (the) library for their assistance in the election.

"Also thank you to the candidates and the election committee for your service to the community."

"This has been a wonderful experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated within this election," Braun, a business analyst with Motorists Insurance Group, wrote in concluding her comments.