Folk duo brings ever-changing show to Clintonville church


In their nearly 40 years together as the folk duo Mustard's Retreat, Michael Hough and David Tamulevich have played more than 5,000 shows.

"And no two have ever gone the same," Tamulevich said last week.

So history won't repeat itself when Mustard's Retreat returns to Columbus for a performance Saturday, Jan. 12, in the social hall at Maple Grove United Methodist Church, 7 W. Henderson Road. The two-hour concert gets under way at 7 p.m.

Admission is $15 at the door.

The folk artists, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., have been frequent participants in the Central Ohio Folk Festival, put on by the Columbus Folk Music Society.

"We wanted to have them in for a special concert just in their own right," society spokesman Bill Cohen said. "They are so good. Their music is so moving. The lyrics are compelling. The tunes are uplifting and inspiring.

"We wanted to have the spotlight totally on them."

"Columbus is an exceptional town for folk music," Tamulevich said in a telephone interview.

Mustard's Retreat is perhaps best known for its song Ours Is a Simple Faith, Cohen said.

"A lot of churches around the country have adopted it as a kind of anthem," he said, "but it's not theological or theocratic or whatever. It's kind of a statement about a beautiful way to look at life.

"I'm sure that they'll do that song and that many people will be singing along to it."

"Folk music is about sharing, not selling," Tamulevich said. "I think that's what people want. They want to be in a place where people are relating to them.

"I actually think it's very healthy. I don't despair of it. You don't get a lot of it on commercial radio and TV, but on the Internet there's a really good community. It's below the radar."