Choir members heap praise on Moss

The members of the Clintonville Community Choir didn't stint in their praise of conductor Brandon L. Moss when asked to provide their impressions of him by publicity chairwoman Adelynn McCoy.

McCoy herself didn't shy away from saying he's about the best thing since sliced bread.

"He has a wonderful way of showing us that we can conquer even the most difficult of pieces and perform them well," she wrote in an email. "He has helped us develop our abilities and hone our skills as singers. He is a treasure to have as a director and we look forward to many more seasons with him."

"Just after 20 minutes of his direction, I saw that he understood us, a varied group of ages and walks of life, and we understood what he wanted from us," offered June Niblick. "He listens, suggests, teaches, and we adjust. He brings to us his various choral experiences. He is the type of conductor I wish I had in school."

"Brandon has brought with him a new enthusiasm, a new energy," member Terry Swanger wrote. "He has gently pushed and prodded us into challenging ourselves as a choir. His musical choices are unique and while some have been very difficult, he has shown us that we are up to that challenge. His love of music and love of teaching has given our choir a new energy."

"Brandon is animated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable," said Denis Baumann. "His confident and infectious teaching style motivates and inspires choir members to learn and sing great music."

"Brandon brings experience and expertise not only in directing the choir, but especially in rehearsing," Mary Rees said. "He compares and reinforces particular themes and passages in each piece. His pleasing way in dealing with volunteers makes us want to do it right."

"He really seemed to click with everyone," Laura Messerly wrote. "Now that he's been our director for almost a year, we've seen how personable and professional he is. He's challenging us and stretching our abilities."

--Kevin Parks