Clintonville just got a little wetter.

Clintonville just got a little wetter.

Voters in two previously dry wards Tuesday, May 7, approved liquor sales for separate locations on North High Street: one at the Global Gallery and the other at the new Mozart's Bakery and Piano Cafe.

In a primary election with a paltry 4.47 percent voter turnout, preliminary results showed a local liquor option in Ward 20-A to allow weekday liquor sales at Global Gallery, 3535 N. High St., passed by a margin of 142-40. Allowing Sunday alcohol sales at the gallery was approved by the slightly smaller majority of 133 in favor, 50 against.

Weekday and Sunday alcohol sales likewise were given the blessing of voters in Ward 22-C for Anand and Doris Saha's newest incarnation of Mozart's, in the former Cord Camera building at 4784 N. High St.

The vote for weekday sales was 233-13 in favor. Sunday sales sailed through, 230-17.

"We're grateful to the neighborhood for their support," said Jen Miller, Global Gallery board president, following the election. "We're excited to be able to feature Ohio and fair-trade wines and microbrews and liquors. We feel it will help us better serve our customers and also improve our special events and music performances.

"We just took forward to continue being a part of the Clintonville community and appreciate their support."

"The people have spoken," Saha said. "It is a show of support for my business. It meant not just a show of support for an alcohol permit but a show of support for my business. I am extremely overwhelmed and grateful to this neighborhood. I will not let them down."

Saha hopes to open the new Mozart's in early June. He said voter approval of the liquor option means the hard work being put into renovating the building has been worthwhile.

"It has highly motivated me, my staff, so I guess it took 60 years for this site to get wet, and it really means we were always meant to be here," Saha said. "It was always meant to be. Now we can do our fundraisers, help the community, do plays, concerns, wine-tasting and making this truly a neighborhood gathering place and make this an absolute point of pride for Clintonville.

"I feel it's not only my business but it's our business."