The organizers of what this year will be three tours of Clintonville gardens have selected participants for the first one, set May 19.

The organizers of what this year will be three tours of Clintonville gardens have selected participants for the first one, set May 19.

In 2012, the inaugural year of the Clintonville Open Garden Tour, avid local gardeners Karen Torvik, Michael Shifrin and Pat Rugola arranged 17 stops for the mid-July event.

This time around, more tours are being scheduled with fewer stops to allow those who attend more time to enjoy their experiences in the individual gardens and to get ideas for their own yards.

The two other tour dates are June 15 and July 14.

Each tour runs from noon to 4 p.m.

The stops May 19 are:

* A public garden, maintained by Darryl Leedy and Brian Bellamy, at the southeast corner of Clinton Heights Avenue and Walhalla Road, behind 3229 Indianola Ave.

"Our garden is an example of guerrilla gardening," they wrote. "We cleared a vacant lot, now city-owned, in 1997 and started planting castoff perennials and shrubs and over the years have added bulbs and leftover annuals, which mostly self-sow. The result is sort of a psychedelic interpretation of an English garden that has color continuously from March through November. Our garden is open to the public."

* 109 Westwood Road, the home of Ardine Nelson and Fredrick Marsh.

They indicated that it has "any types of plants flowers and vegetables, 24 varieties of echinacea, 15 varieties of roses, 15 varieties of peony, many hostas, many hydrangeas and about 75 houseplants (that) move outdoors for the summer." The garden also features an above-ground koi pond, walkways and multiple other flowering plants.

"We are eclectic," Nelson and March said.

* 680 E. Schreyer Place, the home of Warren Bertner.

It is a "Japanese-style garden with bamboo, moss, rocks, pruned evergreens, with a small water feature, plus a larger suggestion of water by raked crushed stone."

* 72 Brevoort Road, the home of tour co-organizer Michael Shifrin.

"The front yard is completely grown in shade with shade-loving plants and an extensive hosta collection. The backyard is a large lot fully established with sun-loving plants with a pond and paths throughout the space. No turf here to mow."

* 68 E. Beaumont Road, the home of fellow tour organizer Karen Torvik and her husband, Ross.

It features "lightly shaded meandering gardens with diverse plant material, including shrubs and small trees with a large emphasis on perennials," the Torviks said. "Some natives are incorporated into the landscape along with some unusual plants."

Those interested in having their yards considered for the June 15 tour have until May 17 to contact the organizers. The deadline for volunteering to be in the July 14 lineup is June 15.

Those interested may call 614-267-6662, 614-262-5451 or 614-262-3010 or may email in order to have a registration form sent to them. Names and phone numbers should be included with the email message.