Have you seen Woody Hayes in a snowstorm?

Have you seen Woody Hayes in a snowstorm?

The iconic Ohio State University football coach is in short sleeves, naturally. He's clapping his hands, as if exhorting his players to another victory over a bitter rival.

If you see this image on a T-shirt, it's quite possible the person wearing it is a thief.

Erin and Zachary Traxler, co-owners and co-founders of the custom T-shirt shop at 4608 Indianola Ave. that printed the Woody Hayes tops, would very much like to speak to that person.

They want the T-shirts back, sure.

But more important to them is recovering the laptop computer stolen during a break-in June 21 at Traxler Custom T-Shirts, colloquially known as Traxler Tees.

The only photos taken during the recent birth of the couple's first child, a daughter they named Hayden, are on that computer. There were lots of them, and they're priceless, according to a posting on the company's website in which the Traxlers offer a reward of $1,000 for the return of the computer in working order.

"It was really devastating," Erin Traxler said. "It's just pretty heartbreaking to lose all of them."

"It's one thing to have electronics taken that can be replaced," Zachary Traxler said. "Other than putting us back on the workload, which is always stressful ... nonmonetary things like our photos, that's not cool.

"I don't think we've coped with it yet."

Anyone with information about the business burglary is asked to call Traxler Tees at 614-593-1270 or the Columbus Division of Police at 614-645-4545.

The missing computer's serial number is Y580 S/N:CB19128656. The Traxlers said customer information, such as credit card numbers, was not compromised.

In addition to the computer and the Woody Hayes T-shirts, other stolen items include external hard drives, which contained customer artwork; about $700 in cash; a computer bag; a knife; and various gifts from clients, including whiskey and wine.

The two Woody Hayes T-shirts are the only ones out of a dozen printed as part of an effort to obtain licensing for them, Zachary Traxler said. The other 10 are in the hands of clients or OSU officials. The shirt is not yet in production, meaning only the samples exist.

It would cost well over $200 to reprint the samples, according to the website.

"We've been working on the project for two years, and those two samples were the last thing we needed to push it through licensing," Zachary Traxler added.

Security at the shop has been greatly upgraded, although the thief or thieves weren't exactly sophisticated criminals, he said.

"Pretty dumb," Zachary Traxler said. "They smashed a window and jumped through it."