Police beat

Thief nabs man's wallet during outdoor catnap

An Orchard Lane man told Columbus police he was sleeping while seated at a picnic table in the 5200 block of North High Street when his wallet was stolen from his front pants pocket. The victim said he saw the thief running away. The wallet was valued at $10 and contained no cash, but did have a debit card, Social Security card and state of Ohio identification card.

In other recent Clintonville-area police reports:

* A North High Street man reported he was threatened by another man at 10 a.m. Oct. 29.

The victim said the threats were vague, and quoted the other individual as saying, "You can replace a gun, but you can't replace a body. You don't know who you're messing with," according to the report. The victim added he had information the suspect was in possession of a handgun he had recently taken from a girlfriend.

* A wallet and a diaper bag were stolen from a car left unlocked in the 500 block of Walhalla Road from 4 p.m. to midnight Oct. 23. The victim filed the report at 12:25 p.m. the next day.

* An East Torrence Road resident reported at 7:30 a.m. Oct. 30 that his home had been burglarized. The victim said the break-in occurred between 2 p.m. Oct. 27 and 7 a.m. Oct. 30. A weed trimmer and leaf blower, each valued at $100, were reported missing. Damage to a door was estimated at $100.

* Rings valued at $2,435, including a gold wedding band, were reported missing from a West Dunedin Road residence at 11 a.m. Oct. 29. The couple who filed the report said the rings were taken the previous day.

* A Leland Avenue man said he was threatened and a court order was violated during a custody exchange at his home at 6:14 p.m. Nov. 1.

* A Weisheimer Road home was broken into Oct. 31 and a $300 cable box was stolen, reports said. The victim said the theft took place between 8 a.m. and 5:20 p.m.