Several new projects and programs are in the offing for the Clintonville Historical Society in 2014.

Several new projects and programs are in the offing for the Clintonville Historical Society in 2014.

In a report on what she anticipates and hopes the new year will bring, society President Mary Rodgers wrote that programming will begin as early as Jan. 19 with the release of the organization's third coloring book.

The society has partnered with Clintonville resident Sandy Trinter on the creation of a series of coloring books featuring line drawings of Clintonville's architectural features, Rodgers said.

"Some of the drawings reflect structures that have been lost to time," she said. "Others show buildings that remain in our community, either in their present condition or at some point in their historical past.

"We feel that the coloring-book series allows our older residents to connect with younger members of the community. The books can be used to pass on memories and make new generations aware of our past."

While not strictly a project of the historical society -- but definitely of interest to those intrigued by the neighborhood's past as well as its present, Rodgers said -- is the Jan. 26 premiere of the Clintonville entry into an ongoing series by WOSU-TV.

Columbus Neighborhoods, which grew out of the city's bicentennial celebration, will focus on Clintonville that evening.

"Many members of our community have worked with the producer to share the history of Clintonville," Rodgers said. "Photos and documents from the archives of the society as well as the Ohio History Center archive will be featured in the film. This will be a must-see."

Local resident Ian Sherman has been working with members of the organization to create a website focusing on the murals on East North Broadway, a project of the society that was formally unveiled in October 2012. The website should launch early in 2014, Rodgers said.

"Having the website will allow a greater population to experience this unique and monumental piece of art in our community," she wrote. "We hope that the website will be a fabulous tool for teachers in the Clintonville and Linden areas and will allow those teachers to bring the mural to those students who cannot visit it in person."

Rodgers said Greg Ackers and his team of artists will return to complete the easternmost portions of the murals in the spring and summer.

The third annual Memory Lane fundraiser is set for March 11. The society project aims to re-create the original 1939 Memory Lane established by the Clintonville Woman's Club, in which monuments to veterans and other important community members lined West North Broadway.

Net proceeds from the evening of wine, desserts and jazz at the club will be used for maintenance and expansion of the memorials along West North Broadway, Rodgers said.

Golf in the Clintonville area will be the subject of the historical society's monthly meeting April 11.

The society hosted a "pop-up" history museum during this year's Holidayville, and hopes to do the same in the summer, along with walking tours.

For more information on activities and membership in the Clintonville Historical Society, call Rodgers at 614-657-6854.