A Grandview couple are bringing their love of horror flicks to a theater near you.

A Grandview couple are bringing their love of horror flicks to a theater near you.

Hope Madden and George Wolf, former movie critics for The Other Paper and co- creators of MaddWolf.com, are behind Fight Club, a monthly late-night horror program held at Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse, 3055 Indianola Ave.

The series will kick off at 11:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24, with a screening of the little-seen British horror film Severance.

"We're looking to spotlight really good horror movies that no one has seen, ones that haven't been widely distributed," Wolf said.

The idea for the series rose out of The Studio 35 Show, a monthly chat about movies, beer and other fun topics Wolf and Madden host with Studio 35 owner Eric Brembeck and Cheryl Harrison, editor of Drinkupcolumbus.com, a blog about bars, beer, wine and spirits.

The Studio 35 Show can be seen on YouTube, at MaddWolf. com and also is screened before movies at the theater.

"We started talking with Eric about doing a late-night movie series and our first idea was doing bad horror movies starring now-famous movie stars," Madden said. "Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, George Clooney -- they've all been in really bad horror movies. You'd be amazed at how many bad horror movies George Clooney made before he became a star."

But, ultimately, "We were more interested in showing good movies," Madden said.

Severance is scary, but rather mild with a touch of humor, Wolf said.

"We thought we'd start out with one that's not too scary," Madden said. "The next ones we'll be showing are really, really scary and grisly.

"The horror genre has a really loyal following out there," she said. "People who love those type of movies really love them. We hope we can also draw some people to the series who are willing to take a chance on some good films."

Michael Fassbender's Eden Lake, described as a "vacation bloodbath," will be screened Feb. 21, and Australian import The Loved Ones will unspool March 14.

Tickets are $5 and drink specials will be offered each month, Madden said.

Wolf and Madden will introduce each film.

Since The Other Paper folded in January 2013, Madden and Wolf have continued to review movies at MaddWolf.com. The site also includes DVD picks, "tales of general woe" in "So That Happened," and other commentary and observations.

Wolf is the afternoon disc jockey at Rewind 103.5/104.3 and his reviews are heard on Columbus Radio Group stations.

Madden is a development editor for college textbooks and has written for Columbus Monthly.

She is finishing her first book, Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Horror Movies.

"It's a humorous books about the 'life lessons' I learned from all the horror movies I've seen over the years," Madden said. "We're looking for a publisher now."

It seemed natural that she and Wolf would become film critics, she said.

"We're just movie nerds," Madden said.

"It costs so much to go out to see a movie these days," Wolf said. "What we try to do is let you know if a movie is worth all that time and money or if you should just wait until it comes out on DVD."