Chance coming Tuesday to shape food-truck rules


Clintonville residents who want to weigh in on proposed new rules for mobile food vendors operating in the neighborhood and elsewhere in the city will have an opportunity Tuesday, March 4.

The Clintonville Area Commission's mobile food vendor committee will meet around 8 p.m., or immediately following the zoning and variance committee session, March 4 at Clinton Heights Lutheran Church, 15 Clinton Heights Ave.

The meeting will include an overview of Columbus' mobile food vendor program, discussion of the city's proposed legislation and public comment, CAC Chairman Daniel B. Miller wrote in an email announcing the agenda.

Miller appointed CAC District 5 representative Dana K.J. Bagwell to head up the one-person mobile food vendor committee in July.

She said last week she has been participating in an ongoing series of meetings between city officials and food-truck owners and operators to hash out the new regulations.

The proposed legislation, which Bagwell said already was supposed to have been before City Council for final approval but now may not be considered until March or April, addresses issues of licensing, inspection and fees, along with eventual implementation of a requirement that the restaurants on wheels fit into a 25-foot parking space.

The updated code also would require mobile food vendors to provide trash receptacles and ban external power sources.

"Most of the concerns and questions that have been brought to me by the community have been answered by the legislation," Bagwell said.

Food-truck operators, who have at times been at odds with city officials over the enforcement and interpretation of regulations, have been participants in developing the new rules, the committee chairwoman said.