Site plan shows apartments will replace Olympic Swim Club


When the owners of the Olympic Swim Club announced in early April that the private pool would close after the 2014 season, some residents expressed concern about losing the community asset, while others worried about what would take its place at 3450 Indianola Ave.

The ones who feared it would be an apartment complex were apparently on the money.

A preliminary site plan for what’s identified as a multiuse building at "Olympic Village Apartments" was filed with the city's engineering department July 11. The address listed on the document is 3450 Indianola Ave.

The applicant is Sean Gillian of EP Ferris and Associates on King Avenue.

The owner is identified as Olympic Beach Acquisitions LLC.

Olympic Beach was the original name for what became Olympic Swim Club.

The limited-liability corporation is listed as being owned by Kyle Katz of Katz Interests, the real-estate developer who bought and renovated the Buggyworks Building on West Nationwide Boulevard in the Arena District.

No other information is contained in the filing and none evidently is going to be forthcoming about the overall nature of the project.

"We're not commenting on that," Katz said Thursday, July 24.

He is the husband of April Zimmerman Katz. She and her first cousin, Newt Jones, are the owners of Olympic Swim Club.

They jointly announced April 3 that the pool, which holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up and still reside in Clintonville, would close. They are the granddaughter and grandson of Richard Zimmerman. He and his father, Orr Zimmerman, purchased the private pool in 1938, the year it was completed, from Frank Hauf.

Jones said at the time that his grandfather had been subsidizing the operation of the pool up until his death in October 2002.

"The writing's been on the wall for several years," he told ThisWeek Booster.

Since the announcement, potential plans for the 2.34-acre site have been the source of much speculation in Clintonville, as has disappointment that the community is losing its pool.

April Zimmerman Katz, in a statement issued to announce that the current summer season at the swim club would be its last, said:

"Because we are committed to the Clintonville area, the property will remain in the Zimmerman family. The next chapter for the site has yet to be finalized. We can assure you, however, that we will work diligently to ensure that we continue to honor Olympic's legacy and bring vitality to the community. As for the adjacent Olympic Indoor Tennis, it continues to thrive as Columbus' favorite indoor tennis club."

In a brief telephone conversation July 24, Kyle Katz declined comment but said an announcement eventually would be made regarding the Olympic Swim Club property.