Application sought for 152 apartments, restaurant at Olympic Swim Club site


The other shoe dropped this week regarding proposed redevelopment of the Olympic Swim Club site on Indianola Avenue.

A rezoning application was filed with the city Tuesday, Aug. 5, on behalf of Olympic Beach Acquisitions LLC of Nationwide Boulevard to turn the 2.34 acres that currently includes a swimming pool complex into a mixed-use development, centered around a 54-foot-tall apartment building containing 152 units.

A 9,900-square-foot restaurant with patio and 9,959 square feet of retail space would be included in the building.

The complex will be dubbed Olympic Village Apartments.

Jeffrey L. Brown of Smith and Hale LLC is listed as representing the applicant.

“The site is currently developed with a swimming pool facility and parking,” the document states. “It is located on the east side of Indianola Avenue, across from Piedmont Road. The proposed use would develop the site for a mixed-use building combining commercial and residential uses while maintaining parking in front of the tennis facility.”

The project would also “provide additional commercial and housing options for the surrounding commercial and residential neighborhoods,” another section of the application states.

The application seeks several variances, including for the required setbacks from the building and parking lot along Indianola Avenue. Landscaping and trees would be eliminated under requested variances, and the number of parking spaces would be trimmed from the mandated 356 to 211, according to the document.

Clintonville Area Commission member Libby Wetherholt, in an email sent out to the neighborhood, indicated that the variance requests would most likely come before the zoning and variance committee Sept. 2.