'Dedicated' volunteers step up for CAC committees


Daniel B. Miller, chairman of the Clintonville Area Commission, said last week that he is once again pleased with the talent and dedication of community residents who have volunteered to serve on the panel's various committees.

The membership of standing committees, as well as for one of two new ones, for 2014-15 was ratified by the full commission at its Aug. 7 meeting.

"I continue to be impressed," Miller said. "I think we're very fortunate to have very intelligent, dedicated members of the community willing to participate and help out the CAC.

"I'm very much excited about how much skill and expertise we have on our committees."

Miller noted the membership in the zoning and variance panel, under the leadership of District 5 representative Dana Bagwell, remained unchanged from last year, while the planning and development panel, with Andrew Overbeck as chairman, had added only two members.

Two new committees were proposed for the coming year at the July organizational meeting.

Nancy Kuhel of District 2 asked for and received permission to create one focused on historic preservation, in the wake of the recent demolition of the Clinton Annex and the earlier loss of the old Clinton Theater.

Controversy over a mural with an American Indian theme that's gone up at the East Cooke Road railroad underpass led District 9 representative D Searcy to propose a new Committee for Review of Public Art Processes and Procedures at the July 10 session. Some CAC members complained about feeling left out of the loop in the project, which was approved by the Columbus Art Commission following an application from Clintonville Historical Society President Mary Rodgers and Danielle Poling, the artist who came up with the concept.

The vote for the new review group was 6-2, with Kuhel and Libby Wetherholt of District 3 opposed.

At the Aug. 7 commission meeting, Searcy said she wanted to delay finalizing membership of the committee until Sept. 4.

The committees as approved earlier in the month are:

* Zoning and variance: Chairwoman, Bagwell; members Mike McLaughlin, Mike Haugh, Steve Hardwick, Steve McClary, Diane Hayford, Emma Heiberger, Maria Kozelek and Dylan Williams

* Planning and development: Chairman, Overbeck; members Andy Taylor, Jim Dziatkowicz, Justin Goodwin, Wetherholt, Micaela Stratton, Michael Ranney, Rob Wood, Peter Niswander and Michael Anderson

* Election: Chairman, Niswander; members Alyson Terrell, Brian Reinhart, Nancy Stewart and Greg Denby. Randy Ketcham, the CAC representative for District 6, returns as liaison.

* Safety and crime: Chairman, Jason Meek, District 7 representative; members Bagwell and District 8's Kristopher Keller

* Historic preservation: Chairwoman, Kuhel; members Rodgers, Nathalie Wright, Melinda Shah, Brian Estabrook and District 1 representative David Vottero.