E-Waste recycling event scheduled

RecycleForce Columbus and the Clintonville Farmers Market will hold an e-Waste collection event from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Aug. 30, at the intersection of Dunedin Road and North High Street.

RecycleForce Columbus will collect unwanted consumer and business electronic products and equipment, including computers, computer components (a $10 disposal fee is charged for old CRT computer monitors), TVs (a $10 fee is charged for 27-inch televisions and smaller; $20 for larger), VCRs, DVD players, all telephones, cameras, chargers, power adapters, printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, networking equipment (servers, routers, etc.), cable cords and connectors, lithium ion (rechargeable) batteries, digital cable boxes, MP3 players/iPods, video game systems, stereo equipment, audio-video equipment and small appliances including microwaves, fitness equipment, vacuums, dehumidifiers (a $15 fee will be charged) and more.

RecycleForce Columbus provides opportunities for formerly incarcerated men and women to re-integrate into the workforce and become tax-paying, productive community members. RecycleForce Columbus offers job placement in comprehensive, environmentally sound and secure end-of-life electronics processing.

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