The city of Delaware's new ordinance regulating door-to-door solicitors will take effect on June 23.

The city of Delaware's new ordinance regulating door-to-door solicitors will take effect on June 23.

City council unanimously approved the ordinance at its May 24 meeting.

The city has had a solicitation ordinance that has not been enforced for several years because it and others like it have been found to be unconstitutional, said city attorney Dan Bennington.

The ordinance regulates "peddlers" and "solicitors" by requiring registration, identification and other information. It will be enforced by city police.

According to the ordinance, a peddler is anyone who sells or takes orders for "goods, wares, food or merchandise, or any person who ... canvasses, sells or otherwise obtains orders or commitments for the sale, repair or exchange of goods, wares, food, or merchandise or services."

A solicitor is anyone "who obtains or seeks to obtain funds for any cause by means of canvassing from place to place."

The ordinance does not apply to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, students or school group organizations, political candidates, other non-commercial groups or religious organizations, Bennington said. It also does not apply to solicitation on city streets.

The department will issue badges to those who fall under the new ordinance, and is still working out the details of the permit process, said police Lt. Bruce Pijanowski.

In the long term, police will handle the background checks and other requirements of the new law, he said, but they need more time to install needed software. "There are a number of places we can get that done in the meantime," he said, and information will be put on the department's website as soon as it is available. People can also call the police administrative offices at (740) 203-1100.

The new ordinance was introduced because police officers have noticed a recent increase in solicitation, including some solicitors whose actions have appeared suspicious, said police chief Russ Martin.

He approached city officials to give him some instrument to regulate those knocking on the doors of city residents.