Food and beverage offerings on West Winter Street in downtown Delaware are expanding.

Food and beverage offerings on West Winter Street in downtown Delaware are expanding.

In the coming months, one new business will open and another will expand its operation to an adjacent vacant lot.

Shelley Myers and her husband, former Delaware County sheriff Al Myers, hope to have their coffee and candy shop open in August in the building that used to house Trotter's coffee shop, across the street from Bun's Restaurant.

Bun's owner Vasili Konstantinidis will be at the June 1 planning commission meeting to seek a development plan exemption so they can build a 1,374-square-foot covered patio on the vacant lot to the east side of the restaurant.

The Myerses have leased the building and are doing interior renovations in preparation for the August opening of Chofey's coffee shop, Al Myers said. It will be an espresso-based coffee shop which also will sell bulk and pre-packaged chocolate candy from Marie's Candy Co., a family owned business in West Liberty.

They are close to signing a contract with their coffee supplier, he said, and plan to sell whole beans as well as by-the-cup coffee.

Shelley Myers will be the brew master but her husband is learning the art right along with her, he said.

While this is a new venture for both of them, his wife was in the retail business for over 30 years and wanted to open a business that would add to and benefit the downtown, Al Myers said.

"The way I look at it, in our case, coffee and chocolate will get people downtown and when they get there that will bring people to the other stores," Al Myers said.

They expect to open at 7 a.m. and let the market determine how late they stay open, he said. Seating inside will be available for those who want to linger over a cup of coffee and they hope to build an outdoor patio at the rear of the building in the future.

Bun's covered patio, which will have insulated glass roll-up doors to make it usable year-round, received unanimous approval from the county's Historic Preservation Commission at its May 26 meeting, said Dave Efland, the city's planning and development director.

The patio will be built on the site of the former restaurant, which was destroyed in a March 4, 2002 arson fire. The restaurant reopened in the building next door two years after the fire.

The HPC members "were very impressed with the high-quality materials and design that was offered by the applicant and they believe that this will be a wonderful addition in our city, filling a 'missing tooth' in the Winter Street streetscape left by the tragic fire that consumed the original Bun's establishment several years ago," Efland said.

"The Bun's addition will be a fantastic new element to the West Winter Street corridor and to our downtown area," he continued.

"It will continue the tradition we are establishing of public-private outdoor spaces and will continue to provide more 'feet on the street.' I am very thankful that the owner decided on a patio for this space rather than many other alternatives that would not have been so inviting and meaningful for this storied Delaware establishment. He and his team did an outstanding job of thinking about their own needs combined with what would be best for community."

The HPC agreed with the city staff that the building should meet certain restrictions, including the use of materials, color and lights that are consistent with those in nearby buildings and that fencing in the rear should match that used in the front of the patio.