Galena Village Council on May 23 passed resolutions appointing Scott Jamison as village administrator.

Galena Village Council on May 23 passed resolutions appointing Scott Jamison as village administrator.

The resolutions created the part-time position and appointed Jamison for the balance of the 2011 calendar year.

As administrator, Jamison's duties will involve staff management, management of the public utilities and assisting the mayor.

Mayor Tom Hopper said the appointment doesn't change anything for Jamison, but brings authority to his position.

"He's still doing the same jobs, but Scott wears a lot of different hats and this is just putting a label on one of his hats," he said. "There's no change in job or pay."

Village solicitor Ken Molnar said the appointment is necessary for the administration of the public utilities, which can be run by a board of public affairs or a village administrator. A board of public affairs consists of three residents elected to the position. Molnar said he believed it would be difficult to fill those positions and recommended the administrators position instead.

A separate resolution was read that would set a pay scale for the mayor, an idea proposed by Molnar. The base pay is $4,800 and can be increased up to $29,848 per year at the council's discretion. Molnar said that, if passed, the increase is effective in the first year.

"It can always be lowered," Molnar said, "but the statute prohibits pay increases so I went for the largest number I could."

To take effect, the resolution must be passed prior to a candidate-filing deadline for the next term.

Council members honored lifetime resident Eldon Chambers for his years of service to the community.

Chambers served on the village council for 16 years and was a long-time member of the parks and special events committee. He attended the Galena School, now the Big Walnut administration building, and was a member of the first graduating class of Big Walnut High School.

Council also:

Heard village fiscal officer Marty Mazzie say that because of foreclosures and bankruptcies, the village is owed $6,596 in sewer fees and most likely will see only a fraction of that amount from liens placed on the foreclosed properties.

Heard Jamison say the Walnut Street lift station is inoperable due to a suspected clog in the lines. Necessary repairs will cause a four- to six-hour break in sewer services in the affected area.

Said Memorial Day services will begin at 1 p.m. on May 30 on the square and end at Galena Cemetery.

Appropriated $1,000 toward the cost of having police patrolling the square during the Summerfest festival slated for Aug. 27. The event, organized by the Greater Galena Civic Association, will be held on the village square. Interested sponsors, advertisers, and vendors can contact greatergalena@ or visit